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Location and date unknown. My Guess Cuba 1962

2 ACU 2 LCM-6's In the Well Deck

Flight Quarters

Photos 1,2,&3 Photo Credit to Leonard Spiewak-"ShoeBox Photos"
Shoebox Photos

October 1990 Desert Storm Marine (HMH-464) CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter landing on the flight deck

The drydock picture is from the summer of 1985, taken at Detyen's Shipyard, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. (at that time it was their main yard, a pretty small place. Since then they still have this facility, but also took over the former Charleston Naval Shipyard drydocks across the river, and have turned into a pretty big company). This picture was taken by the Commanding Officer, CAPT Phillips, who gave out copies to the wardroom.
Photo provided by
Erik Eriksen former LT, USN Auxiliaries Officer 1984-1986

1969-1970 Photos provided by Paul Miller ABF3
Picture above

Rankin LKA 103 Mike 6 boats Amphib Ops in Crete

AmTracks leave well dk Amphib Ops Crete

Old Smokey lives up to her nickname Athens, Greece

Helo from HS2 landing

Repair 7 Gitmo

Fire on the Flight Dk Gitmo

Refueling USCGC Bibb WHEC 31, Gitmo

Helo from HS2 landing