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 Raleigh Accidents .

Date                       Where                                    Events

Mar 24, 1964        Off US East Coast           While serving as target ship for a submarine
                                                                         torpedo firing exercise the USS RALEIGH is hit by
                                                                         torpedo suffering a hole in her hull. No injuries

Aug 19, 1965           New York City               USS RALEIGH bumps the cruise liner FRANCE at the
                                                                        Hudson River Pier in New York City. No injuries

June 22, 1967          Naval Air Station
                                 Norfolk, Va                    A steam line ruptures aboard the USS RALEIGH
                                                                        as it is being repaired while the ship is moored
                                                                        at Naval Air Station Norfolk, killing two

Sept 14, 1976          Atlantic                          USS RALEIGH leaves Moorehead City, NC after a
                                                                       week's delay caused by inoperative feed pumps
                                                                       to participate in exercise Teamwork off Norway.
                                                                      While crossing the Atlantic the RALEIGH
                                                                      EXPERIENCES further engineering problems,
                                                                      causing the ship to be  diverted to Plymouth,  UK.
                                                                     The ship arrives on Sept 24 for two weeks
                                                                     of repair to the feed pumps before sailing
                                                                      on Oct 9

Jan 10, 1981            Norfolk, VA               The USS BIDDLE (CG34) and the USS RALEIGH are
                                                                    slightly damaged when the BIDDLE strikes the
                                                                    moored RALEIGH while approaching a pier in
                                                                    Norfolk, VA

Oct 13, 1981            Mediterranean         USNS WACCAMAW (T-AO 109) collides with the
                                                                   USS RALEIGH while the USS DETROIT (AOE4)                                                                      is alongside

Provided by
Jerry Terwilliger RM2